Knife Sharpening

Important Notice:

We will be temporarily be putting a hold on all new knife sharpening orders.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


Blue Dog offers a Professional Knife Sharpening Service.

Why have your knives sharpened?

Because even the best knives get dull over time – home grinding can help, but professional sharpening is the way to restore them to their original cutting edge!

Please drop off your knives at our Brantford location. Sharpening takes 3 business days.


Large Knife (> 5” blade): $4.50

Small Knife (< 5” blade): $3.50

Chisel: $4.00


What Sharpening Services does the Blue Dog offer?

We are able to professionally sharpen most kitchen knives, pocket knives, axes, hatchets, chisels, planer knives less than 6 inches, scissors, and various garden shears.

What does the Blue Dog use to sharpen my knives?

The Blue Dog uses a sharpening system from the Swedish company Tormek.   This is a commercial grade sharpening system that is considered the best on the market.    It is a highly repeatable process that minimizes the amount of steel taken away during the sharpening process.   We have jigs specifically designed for the type of object being sharpened, so that we can replicate a profile (edge angle) consistently.

How long does it take?

We will have all work completed within 3 business days of receipt of the items being sharpened.

Do I just drop them off?

Yes – we ask that you take care to package all knives in material that will not expose our employees to sharp edges.    If there are multiple items together, then please secure items together – typically an elastic band at both ends will suffice.   Upon completion of work, the Blue Dog wraps each object in a cardboard sleeve, and if multiple items are in an order, will package them in a box for pickup.

Is a sharp knife a ‘safer’ knife?

A sharp knife will slice through food effortlessly because a very little amount of pressure is needed between the blade and the object you are cutting. With a dull knife, you must apply an excessive amount of force to the cutting operation, thus you expose yourself to the greater possibility of your hand slipping off the handle, or the blade itself losing contact with the food and cutting your hand. For those using knives for extended periods of time, a sharp knife is more ergonomically friendly to the hands, arms and shoulders.

How often do I need to sharpen my knives?

This is highly dependent on how much you use them, but generally if you maintain a good edge on them at home (using a sharpening steel or Waterstone) then they should need to be professionally sharpened every 9-12 months.     When professionally sharpened at the Blue Dog, the knives have an edge that should easily cut paper with no pressure.

How do I maintain the edge?

The simplest way of maintaining an edge on a knife is to:

• Hand wash (no dishwasher) as most knives are heat-treated at the factory (a process called Tempering), and the dishwasher heat tends to de-temper knives.

• Protect the Edge – Use a cutting board – avoid major nicks or dents on the knife edge.   And do NOT store in the drawer.    Use a magnetic strip holder or wood block.

  • Use a steel sharpener after every use.

How much does the Blue Dog Sharpening Service cost?

This depends on the object being sharpened – you can download a current copy of our Price List Here


Brantford: (519) 512-0022